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Ascender Parent Portal
Ascender Student Portal

Steps to Create an Account in ParentPortal.

1.  Click Create Account

2. Complete User Information

    a. Username (9 or less alphanumeric charcters)

    b. Password

    c. Re-enter Password

    d. Email address

    e. Mobile phone number (optional)

    f. Click Next

3. Select Security Question

    Enter Answer

    Click Next

4. You should see: "Your Ascender ParentPortal account has been created."

    Click Finish

5. You should receive an email message in your inbox of the email address you            entered above. Open message and click Validate Email.

6. You should see: "Your email has been verified successfully"

7. Return to ParentPortal and login

8. Once logged in, Click Link an Enrolled Student

9. Enter ParentPortal ID and Birth Date of Student. Click Add

10. You should now be able to see your student's grades.

Click on the link to go to the Ascender Parent Portal
Click here for the Ascender ParentPortal Manual.
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