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Year Book

Students working on the yearbook develop planning, organization, and teamwork skills which they will use through school, college, and their careers. Time management, prioritizing, reliability, and the responsibility of following through on tasks when others depend on you are some of the other crucial life skills that students learn when working on the school yearbook. Students participating in the development of the yearbook also learn to be accountable to others for completion of their assigned responsibilities.

All of these skills are important in order to keep the school yearbook project on track and meet all the deadlines provided by the yearbook publisher. ​

Yearbook class is similar to a business, in that you’re creating and selling a product. This provides an opportunity to learn valuable business skills such as budgeting, promotion, advertising, marketing, customer service and market research. ​

Working on the school yearbook and using yearbook design software, photo-editing programs, and project management software helps students learn various technical skills such as working with computers, photography, journalism, and graphic design. This makes students more valuable candidates for employers, and also may play a vital role in helping them decide what they want to do when they finish their schooling.

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