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Robotics for teens typically equip kids with math and science skills. It also serves as a motivation for students who want to build a career in engineering and robotics. High schoolers will also engage in complex projects that build their critical thinking and prepare them for college life. Unlike robotics for elementary and middle school, students at the high school will engage in complex coding projects that will test their programming, problem-solving, robotics, and technical skills. Each learning stage is an intentional effort to expose kids to the rudiments of robotics, electronics, and STEM.

Cayuga offers 3 HS teams and 4 MS teams.

 Last year we were tournament champions in Greenville and qualified for the U.I.L. State Meet in Houston! We are excited for our 2023-2024 season. 

Lori Higgins Sponsor

Lori Higgins


Cayuga ISD

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